Our Safer Space Policy

We’d like to remind all who come to The Spoke! of our safer space policy.  Providing a safer space is an integral part of our mission.  This is our most important policy.

The Spoke! is committed to being a Safer Space. We are open to all and we ask you to respect and welcome each other and encourage a space free from oppression and violence. Oppressive behavior will not be tolerated. Oppressive behavior includes making anyone feel uncomfortable on the basis of their bicycling/mechanic experience, cultural background, gender identity, race, age, religion, sexual orientation, or any means of personal expression or physical abilities. To preserve our safer space we also ask that you refrain from using drugs and alcohol during Spoke! events.

In addition, we ask that you respect the property that The Spoke! is on and the tenants who have allowed us the use of their space.

If you have any questions about safer spaces or have felt uncomfortable for any reason, please talk to a volunteer or email us anonymously.


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