We’re Moving On…

Hey Everyone,

It’s been over a year since our last event and it is with mixed emotions that we announce that the core group that makes up The Community Spoke! is moving on to new things.

We’re looking for a new group to take and reinvent the Spoke and provide a much needed service to the Boston area.  We have a full workshop of tools, supplies and parts and a reserve of cash dedicated to the project that we would like to pass on.  This is essentially a “bike co-op in a box.”

Ideally, we’ll connect with a new group of volunteers that would continue to use the Spoke’s name and legacy and function in a similar way to the old group.  If this is not possible we’d like to find an existing group or groups to give our resources to.

We’ve always tried to focus on cycling communities underserviced by the bike industry and are committed to being a safer space.  Our safer space policy is integral to our operations and our most important policy.

We are also looking for a new home for H.E.L.L., a free helmet program.  H.E.L.L. and The Community Spoke! have been partners for some time.  Included are dozens of high quality helmets and funds earmarked for helmet distribution.

If you or anyone you know is interested in operating a free bike repair organization or absorbing its resources to your current organization please let us know!  Familiarize yourself with our mission and points of unity located on our main page.  Help us continue to provide the Boston area with free resources and promote cycling.  Please spread this message to anyone who may be interested.

The application can be submitted at http://goo.gl/forms/haIWLCmPi4


Dora, Dustin, and Alex – core volunteer group of The Community Spoke!

New Space in Allston

We’re excited to report that we’ve found a new space and will open again in the next six weeks.  We anticipate that we’ll be pretty busy at our new Allston location and are looking for volunteers.  Please let us know if you’re interested in helping out, and we hope to have another rad season with your help.  See y’all soon.


The Spoke! is Closing for the Winter/ H.E.L.L. Helmets

It’s been a rad year, and we’re closing for the season soon.  Thanks to everyone who came out and made this possible.  Our last day will be Tuesday, November 19.  Hope to see you in the next few weeks!

H.E.L.L. will remain active during the off-season, and helmets can be picked up in Allston by appointment.  Get in touch with us to schedule a pickup.


Our Safer Space Policy

We’d like to remind all who come to The Spoke! of our safer space policy.  Providing a safer space is an integral part of our mission.  This is our most important policy.

The Spoke! is committed to being a Safer Space. We are open to all and we ask you to respect and welcome each other and encourage a space free from oppression and violence. Oppressive behavior will not be tolerated. Oppressive behavior includes making anyone feel uncomfortable on the basis of their bicycling/mechanic experience, cultural background, gender identity, race, age, religion, sexual orientation, or any means of personal expression or physical abilities. To preserve our safer space we also ask that you refrain from using drugs and alcohol during Spoke! events.

In addition, we ask that you respect the property that The Spoke! is on and the tenants who have allowed us the use of their space.

If you have any questions about safer spaces or have felt uncomfortable for any reason, please talk to a volunteer or email us anonymously.


Labor Day Weekend and HELL

During the holiday weekend, all of our core volunteers will be hiking, bike touring, or travelling.  So we won’t be open for our first Sunday open shop and volunteer hours.  We’ll be back by Tuesday!


Also HELL has just purchased a huge stock of Bern helmets.  We have tons of sizes, colors, and styles.

Because we’ve had to purchase these helmets, we’re now offering helmets on a sliding scale of $15-$40, (we pay $20/each) but nobody will be denied a helmet if they can’t afford one.


New Website

Welcome to our new page.  I’ve archived the most recent posts from our old blog and will be updating the site over the coming weeks.  Stay tuned.

I’d also like to announce that both shop cargo bikes that were stolen last fall have been returned!  Thanks everyone for keeping an eye out for them!

Quick reminder that we’ll be open this coming Sunday for volunteer hours from noon-3PM and for open shop from 3-6PM.  We’ll also be handing out flyers at Bikes Not Bombs’ Bike-A-Thon the same day. The Bike-A-Thon should be a blast and our shop is only a block away.  Hope to see you Sunday!